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Kitchen God day: Yesterday was Ong Tao day. He’s the Kitchen God who knows what you were up to last summer in that Do Son karaoke bar. Oh yes. He KNOWS. On Kitchen God day people like to release a carp — alive — into a river, lake or the nearest body of water. People […]

Who said Mui Ne was all about flopping around on the three-foot wide beach complaining about the amount of kite-surfers spoiling your view? It’s ok if you did. We’ve said it ourselves along with things like “Mui Ne was sooooo much better when no one knew about it” — who could forget the old days […]

Just read a letter from Saigon and the closing words Times Square (the building is actually called in full Saigon Times Square) did make us laugh — how didn’t we notice that before? And seriously who is responsible for it? It’s not the only oddly chosen not to mention not particularly patriotic name kicking around […]

Me oi ad infinitum: This woman in Ha Dong has 11 kids. Imagine… a football team’s worth of ‘me oi’‘from the crack of dawn-time till bedtime. She’s been cranking the kids out for 19 years and hasn’t she a fine set of child rearing hips on her obviously. And she ain’t finished either. She wants […]

Return of the Hat: We’re back in the saddle here at The Comical Hat HQ. And what have we missed over our Christmas-New Year sabbatical? Diddley-squat by the looks of it. Well, Vietnam Vo Dich. Finally, perennial arch nemeses Thailand and Singapore were beaten in the same competition as Vietnam clinched the Suzuki Cup. The […]