Shoes, beauty and oudda here…

  • Have you thrown a shoe at Dubya lately? Here’s your chance before he leaves the Oval office for good. The Comical Hat staff record is currently 11. Minutes of entertainment guaranteed.
  • Some people around these parts (not naming names like) will surely NOT be best pleased  — maybe even miffed? Or perhaps peeved? — at the fact that Vietnam was ranked a lowly 48th in “world beauty rankings”. Everybody is just going to have to work a little harder on being ‘xinh qua’ and ‘ dep the‘ next year, or else it’s a one way bus ticket to the ‘Bodge for you!
  • The Comical Hat is off on a Yuletide peregrination and we’re not sure if we’ll be arsed blogging when there’s drinking, cavorting and horseplay to be had and done. Fear not we’ll be back in 2009 with a year’s worth of hatted comicality. As ever we encourage you to explore the offline world in our absence.  Don’t be afraid. Embrace the physicality of it all. If you start to freak out and miss us, find someone with a comical hat and strike up a conversation.  Your opening gambit: “Would you mind if I sat here? You see, you remind me of a blog I like to read…”


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