Bits on the side


Giant coffee cup disaster: The world’s largest ever cup of coffee was served up in Buon Ma Thuot at some sort of promoting-Vina-coffee festival but the delivery of the monstrous six tonne stainless steel cup nearly caused a tragedy when the helicopter delivering it clipped a tree. Possibly the first time in history the words “Giant airborne coffee cup” managed to get in a headline. There were two serious injuries in this tragi-comic story but thankfully both are said to be in a stable condition (so we can laugh about it now, can’t we? Well, let’s say we can chuckle about it, but no chortling – that would be highly insensitive).

Porked: The Comical Hat’s Irish heart was dealt a horrifc blow when we read one week before our staff trip back to the homeland that Irish pork is toxic and being pulled from the shelves. For a minute we imagined the horror of a porkless Irish fry up…

Thankfully, Mrs. Teddy de Burca Snr. has assured me that it’s all cleared up and all the bits and pieces will be once again sizzling in one pan by the time we land. According to this chap here Vietnam has never had the intention of buying Irish pork as it’s too expensive compared to other countries vastly inferior pork but IMAGINE the bun cha you could make with some quality rashers. JUST.IMAGINE.

Monkey business: After being inflamed by a passionate tree-hugging-Greenie you can expect to read more about conservation, animals, flowers and petals, on this blog. Post one is about those snooty stuck up snub nosed Tonkinese monkeys in Ha Giang. Check them out on the Beeb. There’s probably under two hundred of these fellas in the world. Look at the lil’feckers — like Ewoks really.

Minsk FC lovefest cont’d: For those that care — Mr. + Mrs. Teddy de Burca Snr. for instance — here’s some video footage of the last Minsk FC match (a stunning 4-3 victory, in case you didn’t know). Ignore the hairy Munster man at the end.


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