In brief…


The Comical Hat’s editorial board was contemplating changing this blog’s name to the working men-with no time for frittering away their lives by a computer and posting utter nonsense for the benefit of you people but guess what — that domain name was taken. Ba dum tish..

What can we say, we’ve been neglecting you, and no one feels more sorry about that than us. Here’s a few links that you might be interested in — if not, feel free to stage a protest.

The filth Manu coming to VN: Could the filth Manu — a.k.a the Red Ragamuffins — be coming to town? For a mere $2.47 million (a gazillion ding dong).

;—-) : A word of advise/ warning concerning emoticons and dating in Vietnam — that word of advise seems to be ‘learnhowtousethem

Missing Kidney: A woman went for a check up and found out she had no left kidney and leapt to the conclusion a doctor had nabbed it in a surgical operation she’d had previously. Of course, she doesn’t know whether she had the kidney in the first place. What can you do?

The three stages of life for an Aston Martin in Vietnam: Stage one — you are bought and parked outside your owner’s place of business. Passers by purr. Stage two — you are driven around at night by your owner, videoed as you are “doughtnuted” and become famous on the internet. Young boys watch, look and purr. Stage three — you are driven at high speed and crashed into the side of the road and a wall and end up in the knacker’s yard.

A real swinger: Now we’ll just come clean and admit it — we’re not busy, we love beauty pageants and we’re actually following Vietnam’s Ms. World hopeful Thien Ly’s progress with a hunger and a passion. To sum up events so far in Sith Afrika: She didn’t make the cut in her bikini, got lumped with a crap grey dress but apparently won the golf swing contest (very important) by hitting a golf ball 400 yards, which could be a world record, though it was from the top of a mountain, which might mean she just rolled it 400 yards downhill.


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