The Minsk Club Football Club

  • Bong da Time: The country’s Comical Hat’s favourite football league — the Hanoi International Football League is underway and the website is up and running. You can of course, if you had for some reason a flicker of interest in this league, follow the most handsome bastards‘ progress as they attempt to win it for the first time ever — they are currently top of the table — as well as the inaugural cup. If you had more than a flicker of interest please check out our website and sign up for the yet-to-exist Minsk Club Football Club Fan Club. The league website is only getting going so will be improving as the league progresses. But it does the job for now though Ireland is listed as Eire, and that reminds me of Des Lynam for some reason. The glum looking Frenchman, Sebastien Souryi, on the far right below, who is actually normally bubbling with élan, is really truly glum now after discovering he’s had a broken hand for the last three years and didn’t realise. He is now sadly possibly out for the season. A massive loss for the club andThe Comical Hat wishes him as speedy recovery as possible. The season is young yet, as one famous football hack once wrote in another time, in another place.



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