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Have you thrown a shoe at Dubya lately? Here’s your chance before he leaves the Oval office for good. The Comical Hat staff record is currently 11. Minutes of entertainment guaranteed. Some people around these parts (not naming names like) will surely NOT be best pleased  — maybe even miffed? Or perhaps peeved? — at […]

Has anybody seen Lars and The Real Girl? If you haven’t, do so. Here’s the trailer to give you the general gist: Saw it a while ago and would recommend it to all. Funny, quirky, touching,  brilliant.  It tells the story of Lars (Ryan Gosling), a socially inept, shy guy from Ontario in Canada who falls […]

Giant coffee cup disaster: The world’s largest ever cup of coffee was served up in Buon Ma Thuot at some sort of promoting-Vina-coffee festival but the delivery of the monstrous six tonne stainless steel cup nearly caused a tragedy when the helicopter delivering it clipped a tree. Possibly the first time in history the words […]

Minsk march on


Top of the table: A massive result for the Minsk Club Football Club with a thrilling 4-3 ding dong win over DasCapitols (1-0,1-1,1-2,2-2,3-2, 3-3,4-3…) on a pitch in the vicinity of the My Dinh National Stadium last Sunday. If you haven’t already read about it in the papers, the still getting-going Hanoi International Football League website has pictures and a […]

In brief…


The Comical Hat’s editorial board was contemplating changing this blog’s name to the working men-with no time for frittering away their lives by a computer and posting utter nonsense for the benefit of you people but guess what — that domain name was taken. Ba dum tish.. What can we say, we’ve been neglecting you, […]

Bong da Time: The country’s Comical Hat’s favourite football league — the Hanoi International Football League is underway and the website is up and running. You can of course, if you had for some reason a flicker of interest in this league, follow the most handsome bastards‘ progress as they attempt to win it for […]