Quick links and whatever you’re having yourself

  • Mickey D’s: We thought it was just that crazy auld Hanoi-whispers-style-gossip talking when we heard about Mickey D’s replacing Bobby C’s at the top of Ba Trieu but a reliable source from within The Comical Hat’s circle of trust has indeed received an email indicating that Mr. Chinn is vacating the premises, wording it like so:“As of the 31st January 2009, Restaurant Bobby Chinn will cease to operate at No. 1 Ba Trieu Street…” so that’s fiddy per cent of the rumour which is now a matter of fact. Let’s hope the building becomes a four-floored microbrewery serving the finest eastern and western European beers known to man rather than Mickey D’s — for Le Loi’s sake, if anyone. He loved beer…

Update: Merry pranksters have already made hay while the sun has been shining… Mickey D’s in Hanoi reviewed: You read it there first. (The link to the spoof Mickey D’s review has been deleted I’m afraid — funny while it lasted… )

  • From the streets of Hanoi….


  • Vietnam vui qua! Never mind the traffic or the rising price of rau muong, practically a gourmet vegetable now you know, Vietnam is still smiling. That’s according to a survey by the global information and media group, AC Nielsen Company. The 51-country Nielsen Happiness Study, which polled 28,153 respondents online in May 2008, found that Vietnam ranked first with the highest level of happiness within the Asia Pacific region in the last month and second behind Indonesia when measuring their level of happiness today. But Vietnam is expected to take the lead again over the next six months. How they’re figuring all that out is beyond us – we’re just here to give you the good news that everyone’s happy. Traffic, we’re guessing, was not part of this particular survey.
  • Vietnamese stud muffin alert! Ngo Tien Doan became the first Vietnamese man to win an international beauty contest as he was named Mister International 2008 in Taiwan last week. Doan’s self-designed traditional costume comprising a loincloth, a robe and a crown decorated with gems was apparently a crowd pleaser and a clincher with the judges. We’re not sure either what kind of traditional costume that is, but he claimed it had been “inspired by ancient clothing” worn by Vietnamese people. We’re thinking King Nguyen Con An the Barbarian…
  • Come on girls! Doan’s victory would probably quickly become yesterday’s news if Vietnam’s Miss World contestant Duong Truong Thien Ly can win that particular pageant in South Africa this week. Vietnam longs for a winner at one of these pageants and the local media have got their knickers in a twist since hearing international bookie’s declared Ly as one of the favourites. Sadly, for some, and Ly herself if she wants to win, she will opt for an ao dai rather than a cape and a loin cloth like Doan for the traditional costume section. We don’t need Ong Hercules Poirot to figure out that not wearing the loin cloth and cape will be her fatal mistake… n’est pas? Not that we’re into beauty pageants or anything. This is just a passing observation.
  • Burpday shout out: And a belated happy birthday to our solitary subscriber from Buenos Aires — yes you know who you are you handsome skinnymalink you. Go eat a steak and rugby tackle one of those long haired locals for us.

One Response to “Quick links and whatever you’re having yourself”

  1. I’m not the least bit sad that Bobby Chin is leaving Hanoi. I am however happy to read that everyone in Vietnam is so happy!

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