(Comical) Hat’s off to the music festival


Holy moley — what a show that was. Some photos here by Aidan B. Dockery of expat bands The Van Ho Ba and Digital Offensive as well as the out-of-towners (a.k.a. international acts): the hirsute Hong Kong metal two piece — DP, you rock you big snappily dressed lugs you — those sultry Beijing rock chicks, Girl Kill Girl — Gia Gia, I saw you wink at me on stage, twice –– the Vietnamese heart throb beat box whose name escapes me right now but you… um… beat that box so you do –- and the baby-faced hard drinking Thais, Red Twenty. Then there was The Emergency — and yes, we ARE all part of the same universe, I can’t argue with that — and the most charming of chaps, Ollo from Australia, who played the flute, a recorder as well as some Indian instrument and even fit a bit of synchronised dancing into their set. A lot of people had a lot of fun. There were drinks, there was boogeying in the DJ tent, there was hijinx and horseplay, and I heard there was even a marriage proposal (romance was everywhere even if it tried to hide). Beaucoup de kudos once again to CAMA and the Minsk Club. You respectively bop and rock.

UPDATE: More photos here at Rock Passion, one crunch tackling negative review and one mild physical challenge at the New Hanoian and sure isn’t all fair in love and war and on the internet — how-and-ever one prickly issue seems to be the price, which went up by a not so whopping Fiddy K this time but that seems to now mean the Minsk/ CAMA crew are being elitist and ‘continuously outpricing locals’ though CAMA also just threw a gig with tickets for just 30k last month. And at this event there were FIVE bands from four different countries — who apparently didn’t walk from Hong kong, China, Bangkok, and Australia and who all wanted to be paid and stay in a hotel — oh you prima donnas you! Also the diversity of djs was questioned though there were djs from Hong Kong, Osaka and Saigon… Ho hum. No pleasing some people (that’s just what Jesus said!).

Maybe a pack of crusty buskers will cycle to Hanoi from Europe to play for free with no sound system and folk-rock the crowd into the middle of next week for the price of a pint of bia hoi next time. And I know just the band who might be up for that as well…

Bloody soap dodgers!


One Response to “(Comical) Hat’s off to the music festival”

  1. I just wanna know why Osaka keeps getting bandied about as some kind of satellite country (just jealous I know!). And if anyone thinks VND300,000 is expensive for a day’s worth of live entertainment from acts brought in from around the planet, they have been in Vietnam far too long and should probably consider moving to Gia Lam…

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