Nibbles for Big Wednesday


street scebe

  • Modern life is rubbish: If I lived on any of these streets, I’d be worried. One fella having a leak about 10 pictures down takes the biscuit. Venice it ain’t. Our humblest apologies for tempting fate in previous posts by saying it was easing off. More rain is forecast and the temperature looks set to drop to a teeth chatteringly low 16 degrees. Now, I know people in the homeland might say oh-so sarcastically “oh poor little things, 16 degrees” and I know people would be stripping off in Ireland and diving into the sea in their birthday suits at the mere thought of the balminess and tropicality of 16 degrees and that you bitterly imagine life in Vietnam to be like a permanent Lilt ad (see below) but what can we say? We’ve acclimatised so we have. Gone native, like.
  • Bombs away: A man who was refused a loan the other day in Hanoi reacted by brandishing a gun and threatening to blow the bank up. That means he took it quite badly I guess.
  • Daily photo sites: A blog I just stumbled on, a photo a day in Hanoi a la Saigon Today. Come on Danang photomen and women, represent yourselves for God’s sake. 
  • Smell the coffee: The LA Times offers a recipe for ca phe sua da — I’d suggest flying to Hanoi. It just can’t be the same elsewhere. You, me — and everybody we know — knows that. When in LA you might as well have a ca phe cam-mocha-frap-pu-chino da 
  • Election:Congrats to Barry O’Bama and fare thee well Mac Kane, and if forever, then forever fare thee well…  like a true fighter pilot you probably wanted to go down in flames, but instead you just slowly sank, no thanks to that Palin character you decided to invite on board. Hindsight, eh? 

Update: Last.Post.On.The.Floods.EVER! This would melt the heart of even the most cynical and hard hearted of you folk out there. Just admit it. Love will conquer all. Anyway, that’s it. No more posts about the floods. I promise. Let’s get on with our lives people.


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