Mid-week respite


  • Wise words from Axl: If all the wetness is getting you Hanoi-folk down, remember what Axl Rose said: “Nothing lasts forever in the cold November rain…” — it will stop, eventually. Promise. Just like the making of Chinese Democracy looks like it is about to come to an end. Axl’s manager has already defended the 13-year in the making, umpteen million dollar album by saying “When they asked Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, they didn’t say, ‘Can you do it in the fourth quarter?’ Great art sometimes takes time.” Our musical Sistine Chapel awaits. Hold.Your.Breath.
  • Liquidity: But if you haven’t got enough of these flood shots, here’s some more — highlights are a guy washing pigs and a flooded power station. And check out Mr. Wainwright’s shot of some opportunist fishermen with a mossie net.
  • Music festival: Remember, music – sweet sweet music – is on the way…
  • Dog’s dinner: Not a link for dog lovers so don’t come crying to us if you click on it — from Pu Luong national park by Mr. A.B.Dockery
  • Tall man: One of The Comical Hat’s long suffering employees got himself mentioned in the British Ambassador to Vietnam’s blog (that’s right, those ambassadors are keeping up with the kidz with a blog) for being tall. “Oh, ambassador! Marry me!”
  • Rumour mill: And this just in … a 42-year old xe om driver from Hanoi claims that he is in fact the man in the conical hat on the cover of local celebrity Chef Bobby Chinn’s new book…  it is not the local celebrity Chef Bobby Chinn as one might presume. “I know it’s hard to prove, but that’s the way I like to wear a conical hat, you know, rakishly tilted,” the unwitting book cover model told some reporter somewhere someday in the recent past. “I was just sleeping in a blue plastic seat at a green tea stall when some guy obviously just drove up, snapped that shot and ran.”


One Response to “Mid-week respite”

  1. And lo and behold, it did stop raining…

    Axl is a genius

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