Rained off


Well people who actually live in Hanoi might have noticed this deluge of rain so please don’t think The Comical Hat is stating the obvious by mentioning the floods again. This is in fact for those concerned parents of The Comical Hat‘s readers who are worried sick so they are. Anyway, to keep them up to speed, the rain continued through the weekend though the ‘eye of the storm’ has passed and it seems to be easing off. But then we wouldn’t have a clue what it’s like downtown as we haven’t left our West Lake HQ since Thursday. More photos from over the weekend here at VNExpress and a day old Reuters piece here, if you’re interested. Also, some shots here of an underground car park which had a bit of as leak. Oh dear. Rumours of the Water Puppets breaking out and hitting the town are at this stage unfounded. Plus, we DEFINITELY recommend investing in a West Lake Pedalo-Swan so the next time it floods you can pedal around the city, help little old ladies across the street, pick up provisions, laugh at people stuck in cars, and so on. Either that or make an amphibuous xich lo.

Update: A few more photo essays at EnglishVietnam Net — Van Phuc silk village and lots of pics with people fishing and a very happy duck.

And if you really can’t get enough — easy on the schadenfreude non-Hanoians — there’s lots of vids on youtube too. Here’s a bird’s eye view….


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