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Mickey D’s: We thought it was just that crazy auld Hanoi-whispers-style-gossip talking when we heard about Mickey D’s replacing Bobby C’s at the top of Ba Trieu but a reliable source from within The Comical Hat’s circle of trust has indeed received an email indicating that Mr. Chinn is vacating the premises, wording it like so:“As of the […]

Holy moley — what a show that was. Some photos here by Aidan B. Dockery of expat bands The Van Ho Ba and Digital Offensive as well as the out-of-towners (a.k.a. international acts): the hirsute Hong Kong metal two piece — DP, you rock you big snappily dressed lugs you — those sultry Beijing rock chicks, Girl Kill Girl […]

Did I mention this already? Go on, click on it, I dare you, in fact I double dare you! It will, I am sure, be the best thing since freshly baked unsliced banh my, and you’d be mad, mad, mad to miss it (though if you don’t live in Hanoi, you are armed with an […]

One day historians will not be dissecting this week in the annals of Southeast Asia’s comic past and wondering how on earth life could have been so funny ha-ha and funny strange for us all. There’s just nothing remotely amusing going on. Zero. Diddley squat. Nada. Bloody floods must have washed away the humour. All we […]

New look and motto: The Comical Hat just loves the new psychedelic Dali-esque rainbow coloured peacocks swooping across planet earth like creatures out of Flash Gordon (the film like) on the homepage for Vietnam Airlines and we also love the new motto “Weaving the Sky” — we have no idea what it means, but it […]

Much of the world has popped the champagne (Ruski flavoured) over Barry O’Bama from Moneygall, Co Offaly’s victory at the US Presidential Election last night ‘Stateside’. Despite the emotion the happy residents of his hometown Moneygall have promised to not go “mad with the drink” as is an Irishman’s wont. Anyway, here’s your song of […]

Modern life is rubbish: If I lived on any of these streets, I’d be worried. One fella having a leak about 10 pictures down takes the biscuit. Venice it ain’t. Our humblest apologies for tempting fate in previous posts by saying it was easing off. More rain is forecast and the temperature looks set to drop to a […]

Wise words from Axl: If all the wetness is getting you Hanoi-folk down, remember what Axl Rose said: “Nothing lasts forever in the cold November rain…” — it will stop, eventually. Promise. Just like the making of Chinese Democracy looks like it is about to come to an end. Axl’s manager has already defended the 13-year in the making, umpteen […]

Rained off


Well people who actually live in Hanoi might have noticed this deluge of rain so please don’t think The Comical Hat is stating the obvious by mentioning the floods again. This is in fact for those concerned parents of The Comical Hat‘s readers who are worried sick so they are. Anyway, to keep them up […]