Update on driving regulations


We mentioned the new driving regulations for motorcylists here at The Comical Hat last week that would, if imposed, ban people below the height of 4ft9/145cm and/or below the weight of 88lbs/40kg from driving motorbikes above 50cc, and we all had a good laugh (didn’t we?) about the fact traffic policeman would have to have a measuring tape or a weighing scale handy. Well, while it would seem that this proposed law change has been delayed, and queried, there is another proposed criteria: Chest size. Yes, the IHT claims that people with chests less than 28 inches/72cm will be banned from taking the handlebars of a motorbike. Now is that 72cm long or around? Some people obviously think it’s the latter: “I’m not heavy enough, what am I going to do?” Le Thu Huong asked in a letter to Tuoi Tre newspaper. “And what about people whose chests are small? Most of them are too poor to afford breast implants!” The proposed ruling would also ban people with enlarged livers or sinusitis from driving.

Meanwhile, all the tall, large-chested, heavy set folk at the bia hoi have been drinking since noon… easy on yer livers there boys!


2 Responses to “Update on driving regulations”

  1. Ever seen a Vietnamese chest that measured more than 72 cm? I think i saw one at Sao Mai pool once, but then again he might have been Chinese… it was hard to tell cos his bronzing lotion had me squinting at all angles.

  2. As someone else mentioned (somewhere else), the Big-Chested oh so manly Red Beer man will be A-okay.

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