Mid-week snippets


  1. Souled out: Mary Wilson from the Supremes is in town and plays a show tomorrow night (Thursday) next Thursday, October 30th, and will be singing You Can’t Hurry love and other Motown classics at the Youth Theatre, with the Supremes 3.0. Set list and ticket info here. It’s for charity btw so don’t choke on your banh my at the fact you have to actually pay price.
  2. Art critic: The Hanoi Grapevine has a new opinion page and an already active (and controversial!) critic, Mr. Kiếm Văn Tìm, who is not afraid to say that an exhibition might not be doing justice to the chocolate fountain in a nearby buffet. The hitherto uncritiqued art scene in the capital is now drinking more nervously.  
  3. Wild, wild east by B. Chinn: Under the headline ‘Bad Boy chef of Vietnam shares war stories from behind the stove’  you might be disappointed to read this article and discover that its highlight is the reporter taking issue with the said bad boy chef’s recipe for Pan Roasted Salmon with Wasabi Mash. It’s from Bobby Chinn’s magnum opus called Wild, Wild East: Recipes and Stories From Vietnam. Mr. Chinn and his eponymous restaurant split the critics like nobody’s business, so the Comical Hat is anticpating that your reaction to the news he has a book out will be to a) say “WTF! I invented wasabi mash after a drunk-on-tequila-epiphany in my Bach Khoa apartment in 1999bc” b) order a copy online and get down there to show the man himself and hope for some wasabi mash SUR LA MAISON! c) wonder who he is as you don’t live in Hanoi but try your hand at making some wasabi mash (and then you tell your friends you just invented it after a drunk-on-tequila-epiphany) d) read something else and wait for the film adaptation. e) go eat bun cha f) um… none of the above
  4. Tay By Day *: Forwarded by Monsieur Gray of Sunny Saigon is this link to a Ho Anh Thai short story, The Man Who Believed in Fairy Tales which just reels you in with that oh-so crafty Kafka-esque opening gambit: That morning, waking up in the United States, I was frightened to find that I had turned into an American. Both the bathroom and the bedroom mirrors—two severely realistic rectangles that refused to flatter anyone facing them—assaulted my eyes with the face of a guy with blue eyes and an aquiline nose. The image I saw, if decked out with a wide-brimmed hat and frayed leather vest, could pass anywhere for a genuine cowboy. I began to feel panicked, since I was sure I was really Vietnamese. I had only come here for a six-month training session.    














* Copyright the West Lake Boys 2001 



4 Responses to “Mid-week snippets”

  1. I believe the Mary Wilson show is next Thursday (the 30th).

  2. Oops — thanks Alpha

  3. Bobby farkin Chinn. Are the rumors true the ego megalomaniac is moving out of town because he cannot afford the increases in rent? Perhaps wasabi mash is tastier and more affordable elsewhere?

  4. Well, I did hear that Mickey D’s have their eyes on 1a Ba Trieu, or rather the landlord had his eyes on Mickey D’s more-blank cheque book. Could be a Hanoi super-rumour mind you but Mr. Chinn’s definitely opening up a place in Danang so… changes are afoot.

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