In brief

  • The final word: A bit like those Japanese soldiers who got stuck on remote islands off the coast of the Philippines, or somewhere in the Pacific, post WWII, but were still ready to fight to the bitter end, these guys are still ‘out there’ debating the pros and cons of the Minsk. It’s been going on for weeks now and The Comical Hat certainly has been enjoying reading the references to Iron Maiden, learning new Latin phrases, the fact that someone living in the Maldives answered, and in general, the sensitivity, insensitivity, sincerity and insincerity — it was fun while it lasted, though the crowd appears to be on the pitch and I think it’s all over…   or is it?
  • Music makes the people come together: For those of you who were at the Regurgitator gig last Sunday week ago, well, don’t rub it in. The Comical Hat was on international sojourn and discovering the new meaning of ‘Paddy Field’ on the island of Penang. The plaudits have come thick and fast ever since — online and offline (you know, like, when people meet people and chat amongst themselves the old fashioned way — ‘confabulated’ I believe is the correct word). Newspapers we have never even heard of have run pieces on the event. For those who missed it, there is good news: more music is on the way.
  • Film of the week: I know, and it’s only Monday says you, but this film is stupendo …   The Comical Hat is boycotting all other films for the rest of the week, that’s how stupendo it is.

2 Responses to “In brief”

  1. any idea if said stupendo fild is available in hanoi?

  2. Si, the film stupendo was procured on Hang Bac street.

    Get the popcorn ready, dim the lights and turn it up loud. It’s a classic!

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