No big wheels for small folk


The joke around town is that the traffic police will have to have one of those electronic weighing scales (the ones that guys push around the streets hoping to lure the overly full and weight conscious into stepping on for a small fee — an odd profession if ever there was one) on every corner as well as a measuring tape in their back pocket. Why? Well, in the latest move to try and restrict the chaotic traffic in major urban centres a new ‘decision’ has… um… decided … it’s illegal for people below the height of 145cm (4ft 9inches for those of ye unacquainted with the Metric system) and/or lighter than 40kg (88lbs) to hold an A1 motorbike license, which entitles the bearer to ride a bike over 50cc. So look out for wee men and wee women beefing up with five bowls of rice per meal to try push themselves over the 40kg mark. As for the people who are only 4ft 8 inches above sea level, well, guess some funky platforms or outrageous high-heels might help them fool the boys in beige. Also, The Comical Hat enquires will people over a certain height or weight be banned from driving bikes below 50cc? It would seem only fair. I’m sorry Mr. Bear, please step away from the tricycle and take off your cone shapped hat.


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