A few quick links

  1. Smokeless Hanoi: Could Hanoi be going smoke free by April next year? (Hey, if the Turks can introduce that law, who can’t? Come on Iran! Do it!) Anyway, place your bets on its effectiveness in the comment box. The ban would be supposedly imposed in public places and on all forms of public transport. As someone who is working in an office where smoking has been banned for four or five years but where everyone chain smokes as if in a competition, I’m guessing it will be about 15 per cent effective for about three days unless we have a special division of Cigarette Police running around town stubbing out each and everyone’s fags in ashtrays glued to their motorbikes. For waning effectiveness on blanket measures please note the amount of people ‘blowing around on their motor without the lid off’, as they used to say in the quaint Dublin vernacular, in Hanoi these days.
  2. Hanoi Grapevine one year old: When The Comical Hat is one year old we’re hoping one of our seven regular readers makes us a cake, but then again we’re NOT the Hanoi Grapevine, the greatest thing on the Vina blogosphere since lightly toasted banh my. The Grapevine has also announced it is officially bi-lingual with a tab for changing to tieng viet up on your right. 
  3. Going grey due to thinking too much:  A great quote from McCain’s former prison guard in the Guardian: ‘As to why McCain, then 36, left North Vietnam with prematurely grey hair, Tran denied it was because of mistreatment. “It’s that in prison you think too much.” ‘

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