Chocolate mouse (not mousse) and fire, fire, fire!


Q — What’s worse than biting into a chocolate brownie and seeing a mouse? (We don’t know, what’s worse than biting into a choclate brownie and seeing a mouse?) A – Biting into a chocolate brownie and seeing half a mouse! Ba’dum tish!

Luckily it seems the punter who had a brownie in Highlands in sunny-side-up-Saigon the other day didn’t bite into the actual mouse that was in his brownie. He just spotted its wee little body and isn’t it cute? (See below — like a tiny wee Tyrannosaurus -Rex)

This local blog has the pictures and the scoop, which has spread across Vietnam like some kinda wildfire, so presumably the kilt wearing, tartan clad Angus Finbarr McDougal of Highlands Inc. will have dropped his caber and run for the hills this morning. Here’s one of the pix and remember — we don’t start rumours here at The Comical Hat , we just spread ’em.  

And check out this picture, courtesy of locally based photographer Aidan B. Dockery, of a fire on Nghi Tam road yesterday morning. Love the fact a guy is nonchalantly driving past. It was just before lunchtime (1030am) and he was probably hungry.



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