Bits, bobs, snippets, quickies

  1. Bombs away: A quick summary of the major incidents on domestic flights this year in Vietnam. The man who opened the emergency door, the old people who can’t figure out how to use the toilets, the man who joked he had a grenade, the man who actually had a grenade, the people who couldn’t sit down when standing up and wouldn’t stand up when seated in the wrong seat. Oh the fun we had!
  2. To Minsk or not to Minsk: An online debate about whether or not the Minsk should be driven or dismantled. Kudos to SoViet who managed to slip in a reference to Iron Maiden. 
  3. Headline of the week (so far): “Pedestrian plan pooh-poohed” — and well a double dose of kudos here for such an alliteration while utilising the under utilised phrase pooh-poohed. 


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