Mankini update


The two FPT students who slapped on homemade Borat-style mankinis and frolicked like young Greek shepherds on the eve of the Festival of Aphrodites at an FPT party have become such a controversial topic that even the Beeb has picked the story up. The Comical Hat’s IT engineers have also informed the editorial board of a surge of hits (we’re talking nearly double figures like) coming from google searches with the words “borat mankini fpt” and the like. What must have been a bit of laugh for the lads (at first) has become a total nightmare. Both have been suspended and two of the ‘firm’s executives’ have got the sack (for letting it happen we suppose). The college, FPT Arena has also been hit with a not-so-whopping fine of VND4 million (that’s about 172.4 units of currency in my fair-skinned Irish brothers’ euro money) — take the change out of that you US-dollar millionaires! If there is any consolation for the lads, it’s probably that they’re  absolute legends amongst their peers and inundated by text messages and emails from adoring females who surely cannot resist two skinny-ma-link bad boys in mankinis. One student, who enjoyed the performance, said that “they did the same act Halloween last year at their school and the audience liked it. Only this year, there was a mix-up and the guys got [the] wrong costumes.” No doubt – if they were in their Harry Potter or Count Dracula costumes, everything would have been fine, but the Borat mankini is just so much easier and cheaper to put together.

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