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The rain in Hanoi is nothing less than Biblical. Wee video clip here too. Advertisements

We mentioned the new driving regulations for motorcylists here at The Comical Hat last week that would, if imposed, ban people below the height of 4ft9/145cm and/or below the weight of 88lbs/40kg from driving motorbikes above 50cc, and we all had a good laugh (didn’t we?) about the fact traffic policeman would have to have a measuring tape […]

McCain and that old jail yarn: “They taught you too well Mac Kane, they taught you too well.” This piece on John Mac Kane’s  Vietnam story — his stint in jail, his jailers, the opposing perspectives, and much more — is well, well worth a read. Pear-shaped holiday: The Comical Hat signed up for google updates on ‘Travel Vietnam’ a while […]

Souled out: Mary Wilson from the Supremes is in town and plays a show tomorrow night (Thursday) next Thursday, October 30th, and will be singing You Can’t Hurry love and other Motown classics at the Youth Theatre, with the Supremes 3.0. Set list and ticket info here. It’s for charity btw so don’t choke on your banh my at […]

In brief


The final word: A bit like those Japanese soldiers who got stuck on remote islands off the coast of the Philippines, or somewhere in the Pacific, post WWII, but were still ready to fight to the bitter end, these guys are still ‘out there’ debating the pros and cons of the Minsk. It’s been going […]

The joke around town is that the traffic police will have to have one of those electronic weighing scales (the ones that guys push around the streets hoping to lure the overly full and weight conscious into stepping on for a small fee — an odd profession if ever there was one) on every corner […]

Prawn Cocktail


Recipe for Prawn Cocktail Ingredients 80,000 king prawns (alive and kicking) One teaspoon of Butaphosphan (You know, the veterinary medicine used to treat metabolic and developmental disorders) A smidgen of Methyl Hydroxybenzoate a.k.a. methylparaben (that’s that anti-fungal agent right?) Two dollops of Norfloxacin (like, hello! This is the antibiotic used to treat gonorrhea, duh) And […]