Something for the weekend, sir/ madam?


  1. Access to Oscars denied: Vietnam’s one shot at a possible Oscar nomination in the best foreign film category, Rung Den (Black Forest) is not eligible as the Academy — oh you pernickety old queens! — demands that each nomination must be shown in a commercial cinema for at least seven consecutive days. Kinda sad to think that cinemas aren’t interested in showing arty films, but according to the article such pictures are considered “box office bombs” in Vietnam. Meanwhile Megastar Media is now showing the new Jessica Simpson picture…
  2. Stripped: This is why you should be careful returning to a large market with a pair of jeans you bought there a month ago. Well, if you’re a teenage girl anyway. If Hercule Poirot happened to be on the scene while sojourning through Cochinchina with the dashing Lieutenant Hastings he would surely have pointed out after un petit peu de déduction that if the girl was wearing the shopkeepers’ stolen jeans, then, she would have been wearing her own non-stolen jeans underneath the stolen jeans, n’est pas?
  3. Why people in the Western world should live at home: I like this headline — US economic Meltdown: the view from a hotel room in Hanoi, in this brief article, and the implied theory that people in America might be better off making enormous vats of Soy sauce and the stated theory that Americans would be better off living with their parents. That’s right — Vietnam is economically strong thanks to its the multi-generation household dynamic: “Here [Hanoi], people save taxes and banish loneliness by living in tall, skinny three-story houses, all together with all their relatives, all the time. Perhaps in frugal moments, Americans don’t need so many dwellings. Perhaps Americans should shed their independent streak, keep their adult children in the same house, pay the mortgage together, then pass the house from generation to generation.” Somebody should high five Confucius.
  4. Utter Rubbish? Oh, how those New Hanoian reviewers cut to the core of a man. Our online friend Derek decided to return the favour for The Comical Hat plugging his rather amusing reviews on The New Hanoian by reviewing The Comical Hat on the New Hanoian. It sounds like sweet, innocent, reciprocal online love — and it was. We were feeling it and we like to think Derek, whoever you really are, was feeling it too. Sadly one user decided to declare Derek’s review ‘utter rubbish’ and we felt very sorry for poor Derek (it was his first online snub and we suspect he has gone into ‘seclusion’ in the safe and fluffy expanses of the offline world). As we imagine he is too upset to defend himself, The Comical Hat feels compelled to step in and point out that Derek stated a) The Comical Hat is “doing it for love” not money. b) The Comical Hat “seems to spend a vast amount of his spare time trawling through the local media outlets to find the stories with a difference (the bizarre ones that can either destroy or restore your faith in humanity), stories that, in another day/age/medium, may well have been presented on VTV by Jeremy Beadle.” c) We use a“very nice wordpress blog” and finally d) Derek himself is a subscriber. All of which is factually correct and correctly factual. (We are of course presuming thet the person figured Derek’s review was rubbish, not the content of our blog, like… I mean, as if…).
  5. By the way, someone told us that the Ascot Races are on tomorrow. So to all you people with ridiculous hats out there tomorrow, we salute you with a tip of our very own. Hatted comicality is sooooo hot right now.


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