Much ado about nothing much


  1. There are some words that you would have never imagined seeing tagged neatly together at the bottom top of a post here at The Comical Hat — for example, FPT party Borat mankini. But whaddya know, two students are now at the centre, nay, the eye of an online and in print storm after revving up proceedings at FPT’s recent 20th anniversary party by wearing Borat mankinis (as modelled above) and cavorting and frolicking around stage. The crowd mostly applauded (High five!) but “after pictures of the display were posted on the internet, many chat forums were inundated with criticism of the performance, especially the section which included one guy who ripped out hairs from his “most sensitive part…” HOW-AND-EVER apparently “the students had altered their costumes by adding the fake hairs. Long said there were many different opinions about the incident but FPT Arena students did not feel it terrible, instead felt a little “joyful.” (sic!)” No doubt it was all harmless fun to make benefit glorious for company of FPT…
  2. Of late I have been following Derek. Well, his reviews. You should too… his reviews are commnonly useful, well-written, funny and mostly accurate, if at times a little naïve, but never utter rubbish.

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