Peculiar hotel name


Last week we brought you the first post in what will be either a frequent or an infrequent series, Dubious Shop Names, and while this is not a shop, it is, as you see below, a hotel, and it’s name might not be dubious, we thought it was a bit of a peculiar one for the capital city of Vietnam — I thought so anyway. Perhaps this will be the first and last in a series, titled Peculiar Hotel Name.

I must admit I do like the idea of a democratic hotel where people could vote for what’s on the breakfast menu every night before going to bed. In fact politically named and themed hotels in general might be the way to go should someone want to jazz up the hospitality industry worldwide — The masochists amongst you might like to try the Dictator Plaza, where you sign a waiver on arrival and agree to do whatever the manager demands, even if it’s cooking your own dinner or fighting other guests for the best rooms. Those in need of some TLC or a bosom to cry on would surely flock to the Matriarchy Resort with their complimentary mothering, home cooked meals (just the way you like them) and bedtime stories. They will even cut the crusts off the toast for you in the morning. And yes, I know there’s plenty of people who would love The Anarchist Inn, where nobody is in charge and chaos reigns 24/7… perfect for stag parties, rock n’ rollers and the like. The possibilities are endless. Well, maybe extensive, or numerous….

(In case you’re interested the Democracy Hotel is on the wee road Cau Go, at the top of Hoan kiem lake.)


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