The REAL Hanoi


Spotted over at Hanoi Grapevine — there’s a BBC programme called The Real… [Insert City name] and episode two is on Hanoi and according to the Grapevine it’ll be screened on “Sat 20 Sept 21:30, Sun 21 Sept at 15:30, Mon 22 Sept at 00:30”. Basic premise is three locals — an artist, a director and a designer –- show us their favourite places in Hanoi. I have a feeling, judging by the online clip, that performance artist and man around town Dao Anh Khanh may steal the show with his army jeep, karate cries and just general sense of élan as he takes you on a tour of sights, scents and sounds in Hanoi.

There is a well-deserved plug for Son Tinh liquor, which most of you will know from Highway4, by Nguyen Manh Ha, a director and screenplay writer, who promises to show veiwers the nightlife, which appears to involve Salsa dancing (real Hanoi?!?).

The Comical Hat thinks a six-hour session at the bia hoi is the best way to show someone the Real hanoi, but nobody asked us. Leave us your suggested itenaries for showing the Beeb the Real Hanoi in the comment box.


2 Responses to “The REAL Hanoi”

  1. suggested itinerary 1: spend six hours at a bia hoi. failing that, spend six hours at six different bia hois…

  2. 2 deepwarren

    Tourist itinerary: Shop briefly in a search for something that is kinda the same, but different. Intermix with bia hoi’s throughout day. Dinner involves eating obscure pork on a stick while in the last bia hoi. Proceed to pub street. Drink numerous cocktails. Endure a wobbly stomach-churning ride on a moto back to the hotel. Pass out gently.

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