Ready to rock?


Let it never, ever, ever be said that we are not always ready to do our bit for you — yes you, the community of this fair city (that’s Hanoi  by the way). That’s right, par example, when one of The Comical Hat’s eager-as-a-pack-of-beavers editorial team spotted this ad over at New Hanoian we just felt compelled to let you in on this fantabulous once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to rock out in Hanoi as the new foreign lead singer and/or guitarist with Ngu Cung, a local rock outfit, who you might remember from last April’s Minsk Music festival (that’s a link to Both Cheese at the festival not Ngu Cung ‘cos I love Both Cheese and they love me). HOW-AND-EVER  The Comical Hat as always is also ready to give this desperately-seeking-a-frontman-process a helpful spin. Picture this… we rent a house, no, make that a villa, let’s say, in the Tay Ghetto of Nghi Tam, overlooking the lake. It is well equipped with a pool table, a piano, some amps, on-tap bia hoi, a pool table and even a pool — as well as a camera crew. Then we get the best 12 frontmen and people of rock who auditioned and we make them live together in this house, and week by week we have a rock showdown at a venue of rock. The judges will be you — the community, or the people who bother to show up or watch on TV. You can select the best performers each week and the three with least votes and ability to rock will perform rock-karaoke to the death! Or at perhaps, if that’s a bit too risqué,let’s just say to stay in the house. The overall decision of who to drop goes to Ngu Cung. We’ll get VTV3, VTV4, VTV5 or VTV 6 (definitely not VTV1 or VTV2) to televise it (the show and the week-to-week in-house madness) and we’ll have some famous ex-rocker in leather trousers to present it with guest appearances from old men of rock. Man alive we are so full of good ideas. Somebody should really pay us to come up with not-entirely-original-stuff like this all the time.



2 Responses to “Ready to rock?”

  1. 1 samwell

    is mr de burca not tempted to wrap a bandana round his noggin and let his freak flag fly? i’ve heard he used to hit the high notes just like gene pitney.

  2. I’m trying to rouse some competition amongst the community. Never owned a bandana in fairness but the Gene Pitney comparison is a great compliment. Listening to Something’s Got a Hold of My Heart now. The man was a genius.

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