Bits, bobs and gossip


  • More Aliens? Yes, they’re beaming in from outer space, from places like Planet Africa and the Galaxy of China, to live financially rewarding and fruitful lives as homeless people — as well as monks if you remember –- in VN. Without adequate regulations, Vietnam could become a destination for homeless people from other countries…” revealed one dept. of immigration insider.  When I grow up I’m going to be a homeless person in Vietnam, too. I can picture the park bench by Hoan Kiem lake that I’ll call home already. Might have to migrate south to sunnier climes come winter mind.
  • Speaking of Hoan kiem lake, from the department of rumour mongering, we heard that 1a Ba Trieu right by the leafy love banks of the lake of the returned sword, which is currently leased out to a celebrity chef whose name usually provokes a rant or two from people around town … is about to be — and yes, you heard it hear first — turned into Mickey D’s sometime… soon. Well soonish. Like, within a year, maybe less. Um, let’s say six months. No make that nine. Okay, definitely during the next US presidency and most likely after Christmas 2008. A sad sight to see, if it happens. The Golden Arches on Hoan Kiem that is.  

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