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  • Headline of the week: How about this corker from English VietnamNet: Specter of alien criminals looms over city. Yikes, I don’t know about you but that makes me think of that scene from the first episode of the 1980s TV series V when all the spaceships were suddenly hovering over every major metropolis in the world and we humans wondered are their intentions benign, malign, indifferent, sexual? Do they want to beam down and suck our brains out, steal our recipe for Black Forest Gateux or spread the seeds of inter-galactic love? (The answer turned out to be the first one, kinda.) Here’s the link to the original story for the headline, though you might be disappointed if you clicked on that and read what it was actually about so I wouldn’t bother. Live with the illusion that Aliens are looming over Ho Chi Minh City and ask yourself, What would Captain Jean Luc Picard do in this situation? Or instead watch this frivously linked clip in which the V (that stands for Visitors btw) unmask with sublime 1980s special effects to reveal their slimey lizard like heads. Like, eew!  
  • Pumped up: Now regular donners of The Comical Hat will know that we don’t trust petrol stations very much. In fact we wouldn’t trust them as far as we could throw them. So no surprise to us that some charlatans have tinkered with the pumps in TPHCM and Nghe An provinces.  
  • Artistic differences: Monsieur Bao Ninh, the author of the oft photocopied but seldom bought modern classic Sorrow Of War has thrown a good old fashioned hissy fit over the film adaptation of his novel. And so he won’t be working with “those people” anymore. Perhaps it was the suggested-alternate ending in the script where Matt Damon kicks in the door of the torture chamber, somewhere in the heart of Mekong and saves Maggie Q just before she is executed. “What took you so long?” asks Maggie Q, gently gasping for air, as Damon carries her outside to safety.  “It’s like a jungle out there,” rasps Damon.  The couple then chopper out towards a blood-red sunset as credits start to roll. The End. Het Phim. Ve di.

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