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In brief


Regurgitator — Apparently there’s more to the Australian rock scene these days then listening to old LPS by Men At Work and AC/ DC…  or so the boys from CAMA would have us believe. Crack out your pencils and diaries and please write: Regurgitator, a band from Brisbane, play the American Club in Hanoi on Sunday October 12th. […]

Access to Oscars denied: Vietnam’s one shot at a possible Oscar nomination in the best foreign film category, Rung Den (Black Forest) is not eligible as the Academy — oh you pernickety old queens! — demands that each nomination must be shown in a commercial cinema for at least seven consecutive days. Kinda sad to […]

There are some words that you would have never imagined seeing tagged neatly together at the bottom top of a post here at The Comical Hat — for example, FPT party Borat mankini. But whaddya know, two students are now at the centre, nay, the eye of an online and in print storm after revving up proceedings at FPT’s […]

Last week we brought you the first post in what will be either a frequent or an infrequent series, Dubious Shop Names, and while this is not a shop, it is, as you see below, a hotel, and it’s name might not be dubious, we thought it was a bit of a peculiar one for […]

The REAL Hanoi


Spotted over at Hanoi Grapevine — there’s a BBC programme called The Real… [Insert City name] and episode two is on Hanoi and according to the Grapevine it’ll be screened on “Sat 20 Sept 21:30, Sun 21 Sept at 15:30, Mon 22 Sept at 00:30”. Basic premise is three locals — an artist, a director […]

Check out the top 10 foods in Saigon according to the Gospel of gas•tron•o•my, the best Vietnamese food blog going these days. Here at The Comial Hat we approve. Especially Soft shell crabs, banh xeo and ca kho to and also those amazing Saigon sangers (banh mi), which — and this is a riddle for the ages — are for […]

Ready to rock?


Let it never, ever, ever be said that we are not always ready to do our bit for you — yes you, the community of this fair city (that’s Hanoi  by the way). That’s right, par example, when one of The Comical Hat’s eager-as-a-pack-of-beavers editorial team spotted this ad over at New Hanoian we just felt compelled to let you in on […]