• Well according to this story over at The Earth Times (by way of Monsieur J.A. Wainwright) a Vietnamese lady managed to strangle her boyfriend with her bra: “The 26-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday at her rented house in a small town in Quang Ninh province, 160 kilometers east of Hanoi…” It’s speculated that her 28-year-old boyfriend had previously beaten her as he suspected her of being romantically involved with another man. The police found the bra near the body but the woman was not unclothed” (!?!). A police spokesman also said the brand of the bra was “not clear, but that it was made of cotton and elastic.” (!?!?!?!?!) “This is a very strange case,” a spokesman admitted. Not least because the police are wondering what brand the bra is or finding it suspicious that a woman could be fully dressed after using it as a murder weapon. ” Too many things just don’t add up,” said the Chief Superintendent. “Why it must have been Giao Su Plum in the livingroom with Colonel Mustard’s underwear!”

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