Bits and bobs

  • It’s “Bye-bye Batman, hello Hanoi at the US multiplex” says the Guardian. And the film they’re talking about…. is….  Tropic Thunder a new Ben Stiller flick about the making of a Vietnam war-era film shot “guerrilla style ” — so it’s a film within a film, like, y’know — and it’s undoubtedly very, very silly but not sure Hanoi has anything to do with it. The Newyorker’s Anthony Lane gives the first few minutes the thumbs up and the following 90 minutes the thumbs down. But sure there’s no pleasing that man. Here’s a trailer…
  • A while back we linked you to a story on Tan Loc Island where loads of the fine local wimmin kept packing their bags and heading off to Taiwan and South Korea to get married… and we dared someone to write a story on the men who were left behind and who should step up to that plate, well not quite but kinda, but the Saigon Times — their article has been stolen borrowed here at VietnamNet. It’s not about the men of Tan Loc Island, but more a general piece on rural men being left on the shelf in the Mekong Delta. For example, one girl, who studied in HCM City where she no doubt got notions of upperosity, refused to marry a man she’d been lined up with as he was “cloddish”. Great choice of word by the translator/ writer.
  • A few days ago a Canadian friend linked me to a story on the fact it was Michael Phelps 7 Canada 0 halfway through the Olympics. Those poor little Canucks were melting in the Beijing heat, no doubt dreaming of the winter Olympics and fisticuffs with the Russians over a puck in a game of ice hockey. BUT…  they do now have one gold medal thanks to Carol Huynh, the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, and a wrestler. So genetically speaking, it’s only fair, that Vietnam will take 0.5 of that gold medal, taking Vietnam to one silver and 0.5 gold on the medal table.

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