Snippets on the Olympics


A few of the more amusing stories on the Olympics — or associated with the Olympics —  that I have read this morning…

  1. The Milli Vanilli of the Beijing Olympics: oh dear, the cute little girl who “impressed the world” in the opening ceremony was lip-syncing — the charlatan! — as the actual girl who originally sang the song has pudgy cheeks and crooked teeth and was deemed unsuitable (that means too ugly).
  2. Hooters have brought their secret winning formula of sport, chicken wings, beers and big-breasted waitresses in tight t-shirts and short shorts to Beijing and don’t the waitresses just LOVE the Olympics and the dumb blonde jokes on the wall (‘cos they’re all dark haired, like): “Hooters not translating as a pun in Mandarin, Rachel is unaware that the word emblazoned across her vest refers to something other than the owl that goggles away in its logo, as she takes orders beneath a large sign reading “Caution: blondes thinking”. “
  3. The rise and rise of an Olympic torch guard who has become an national hero and — much more importantly in his opinion we’d wager — a national sex symbol.

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