Olympian spirit

  • You might have overheard members of the Comical Hat editorial board mouthing off in recent weeks about how they couldn’t give a rashers about the Olympics being on and would rather watch paint dry, grass grow or wait for the FPT technical support team to pick up the phone when our interweb is down… BUT! we are prepared to rapidly backtrack and say — loudly, proudly — that we think the Beijing Olympics are the bees-knees. We are RIVETED by VTV’s comprehensive scattergun coverage. They are all over it like some kinda rampant rash that cannot be stopped by man nor beast. One minute it’s archery in the rain then just as we reach the climax we cut to Volleyball and long limbed Cubans piking the ball into the middle of next week then suddenly we’re in the pool and watching the water ripple, Phelps’ muscles ripple, the flags ripple and then we’re back to badminton, no, gymnastics, no, boxing, no, weightlifting (go Bulgaria!) and on and on and on. And to think the Equestrian events haven’t even started. It’s enough to leave you breathless, isn’t it?
  • By the way, speaking of the Olympics — Ai la dan ong? Hoang Anh Tuan la dan ong! That’s because he snagged Vietnam’s first medal of the Beijing Olympics in the weightlifting competition. He’s only the second Vietnamese person to win a silver medal at the Olympics in history, but… whoa, whoa, whoa… hold on a second there young fella me lad, says you, a Vietnamese weightlifter? Yup, Tuan has clearly been eating his rau muong. There he is below after lifting either 130kg in the snatch or 160kg in the um… clean jerk? He is only 56kg by the way. He will get to collect a reward of VND100 million from the Dong Luc Group for bringing silver home to Vietnam.

  • An AFP story here on one man’s bid to help “the third world” in Vietnam, not a reference to poverty, but to the country’s highly closeted gay community. He has decided to “lay bare almost everything in a tell-all diary called Bong,” which is a slang term for homosexuals, apparently — it actually means silhouette. He writes: “If you were born gay… [in Vietnam] no matter whether you are a man or a woman, you were born at a bad time, on a bad day, in a bad month, in a bad year, under a very bad star.” So not a particularly upbeat diary I’m guessing.

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