ABD in NY Times


  • Just remember… WE.FOUND.HIM.FIRST. We’re talking about ABD, a.k.a. Aidan B. Dockery, a.k.a The Doctor. Check out his photo gallery in the USA Today – it’s an accompaniment to a piece on Hanoi which muses it’s all about “Time, timing, timelessness” in the capital city as the electronic billboard clock runs down to 10-10-10, the city’s 1000th birthday. And sure who are we to argue with the USA Today’s evocativeness? The piece also reckons Uncle Ho “enjoys holier-than-Elvis status” which is certainly one of the strangest epitaphs pinned on the great one and we also know that one of the boys over at Highway4 will just love the fact that the restaurant is referred to as a ‘gastropub’. I might just head down there now for some smoked haddock, cottage pie, pork scratchings and a pint of homemade cider.
  • “Sporting a black T-shirt, 20-year-old Le Thi Ngoc Quyen paraded in front of the stranger, hoping he would select her. “I felt very nervous,” she recalled recently as she described the scene. “But he chose me, and I agreed to marry him right away.” Another story on the bizarre brides-for-foreigners business that seems to particularly thrive in the Mekong Delta. The aforementioned Quyen is from the island of Tan Loc where there has been “a significant economic impact” from these marriages (roughly 1,500 in the last decade) as brides who head off to Taiwan and South Korea send money home to their families to build houses, set up small businesses, get a flat screen TV and a Yamaha and improve their standard of living but… I’d really like to see a story that turned the spotlight on the young men of these villages who must be puh-retty tense on Saturday evenings. I’ll even give the writer who tackles this their headline —No Country for Not Particularly Handsome Young Men.
  • Check out these guys’ bachelor pad 20 miles off the southern coast of Vietnam where things go plop in the middle of the night.
  • The Vietnam News says the price of everything has gone up but it’s okay because Hanoi and HCM City have dropped 35 and 40 places respectively on the world’s most expensive cities list. That’s right — pop the Russian Champagne lads and celebrate the fact that everywhere else in the world is getting more expensive. In your face rest of the world.
  • It’s really wet in the north — more photos at VNExpress


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