• From the SNooze — phantom companies being set up, using paraplegics as fake directors: Fifty-four-year-old Le Van Vay, paralysed from birth, can recall the day in Ha Nhuan Village when two guests to his shop named him “director” of their new company after learning about his difficult life. Vay is extremely frail and may be close to death. He lives with his brother, who earns money trapping and selling small birds. “After the men knew that I had an identity card and household registration forms, they promised me a job to help me overcome some of my difficulties,” said Vay. He then became director of the company, though he has trouble even now remembering the firm’s name. Full story here.
  • Meanwhile Ms Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy has risked incurring the wrath of the Union of Conservative Betel Nut Eating Grannies by announcing she’ll be releasing a book of “artistic” nude photos which are not … um “totally nude” — so shall we say predominantly nude? The nudity captured is in her words “very Vietnamese and nothing extreme”. She recently released a book promoting the Vietnamese drama tuong and the model mused that Just like the tuong exhibition, this [nude one] would serve a purpose…who knows it could help me stay in people’s hearts longer…” She just might be spot on there.

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