The climbers were left behind – frozen, broken and defeated – but the woolly hats huddled together and went on… they would not stop and they were not afraid…

  • A ‘pub basketball team’ ends up accidentally representing the USA against a local Vietnamese side in this amusing anecdote: “We turned up to discover we were about to play the Quang Duy district representative team. The local newspaper was there to report on the game; a bunch of local basketball fans turned out to watch. The scoreboard said that we were the USA team, and young onlookers wanted to get photos alongside us. We were suddenly very nervous…”

  • One of the hardest working photographers in show business, my man ‘JAW‘, won’t be blogging out of Beijing while he is covering the Olympics ‘cos he ain’t got no wordpress access. The hacks and photo-men, who had been miffed already about the limited access to the internet, will be doubly miffed if they were also planning to be blogging while there.
  • A few reasons why you might holiday in Danang – and none of them have anything to with five-star resorts. So there five-star hotels, shove that in your pipe and smoke it .

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