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Well according to this story over at The Earth Times (by way of Monsieur J.A. Wainwright) a Vietnamese lady managed to strangle her boyfriend with her bra: “The 26-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday at her rented house in a small town in Quang Ninh province, 160 kilometers east of Hanoi…” It’s speculated that her 28-year-old […]



“Who cares about tai chi by the lake at 6am, let’s chat online!” Vietnamese pensioners get internet-savvy and it’s a beautiful thing: “Sixty-five-year-old widower Nguyen Quoc Huy began learning how to use the computer just last month. He said that he was now rather fluent in his e-mail technique, and particularly liked sending them to […]

Search is on: One member of The Comical Hat staff swears someone told him that Gene Wilder — Yes, THE Gene Wilder — lives sporadically in Nha Trang but they can’t remember who. If you’re out there, person who says Gene Wilder lives in Nha Trang, please identify yourself and confirm this rumour. We love […]

Bits and bobs


It’s “Bye-bye Batman, hello Hanoi at the US multiplex” says the Guardian. And the film they’re talking about…. is….  Tropic Thunder a new Ben Stiller flick about the making of a Vietnam war-era film shot “guerrilla style ” — so it’s a film within a film, like, y’know — and it’s undoubtedly very, very silly […]

A few of the more amusing stories on the Olympics — or associated with the Olympics —  that I have read this morning… The Milli Vanilli of the Beijing Olympics: oh dear, the cute little girl who “impressed the world” in the opening ceremony was lip-syncing — the charlatan! — as the actual girl who […]

Olympian spirit


You might have overheard members of the Comical Hat editorial board mouthing off in recent weeks about how they couldn’t give a rashers about the Olympics being on and would rather watch paint dry, grass grow or wait for the FPT technical support team to pick up the phone when our interweb is down… BUT! […]

Just remember… WE.FOUND.HIM.FIRST. We’re talking about ABD, a.k.a. Aidan B. Dockery, a.k.a The Doctor. Check out his photo gallery in the USA Today – it’s an accompaniment to a piece on Hanoi which muses it’s all about “Time, timing, timelessness” in the capital city as the electronic billboard clock runs down to 10-10-10, the city’s […]