A few snippets…

  • The Comical Hat is very pleased to have procured a ticket to see the Brazilian Olympic Football team, here with Ronaldinho, for tomorrow night’s friendly and Olympic warm up against Vietnam. Vietnam’s Portuguese coach has promised a “beautiful game”, which means I guess they’re out to try and impress the Brazilians with a bit of flair and go easy on the crunching, potentially career-ending tackles. If so it could be a reeeeeeeeeeaaaly long night for the local lads… BUT I did have a dream that Vietnam scored a goal, so they have something to look forward other than ball-watching. Yes, you heard it here first, final score — Brazil 5 Vietnam 1. Everybody goes home happy.
  • “Condoms waste time and are bothersome, and vasectomy [sic!] may cause dysfunction of the male sex organ,” says one 40-year-old man, who refused to be named. Full story from the SNooze.
  • Plastic surgery is a hot topic at the Comical Hat this week. This latest story asks us to consider whether local pageants should allow contestants who have had ‘minor surgery’ performed to enter. Miss Vietnam 2006 Mai Phuong Thuy [below] weighs into the argument with a wayward classic: “Vietnamese girls are beautiful and gentle. Some have ideal heights. But their weakness is body measurements. Plastic surgery may be one way to help Vietnamese girls walk abreast of world beauties.” [sic?]


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