Bad luck for the ugly duckling

  • Pasted below are some highlights from a Thanh Nien classic on how a fortune teller in sunny Saigon recommends plastic surgery to punters looking to escape misfortune; yes, now you know, ugliness brings bad luck… (as opposed to superstition, like). You couldn’t make it up. Truly. Full story here…

“Tuyen explained that she underwent surgery to escape decades of poverty.

Her lips were always pale, so business was not smooth and she bore a bad reputation for her manner of speech. Her eyelids drooped to her cheeks, causing misery because her eyes lacked the vital force. The undersides of her nose swelled, making it impossible for her to keep money. These adverse facial features caused unhappiness in her conjugal life, as her husband always remained far from home.

Even when they are together, they did not have good sex because the bad features on her face hindered his sexual desires. After surgery, Tuyen boasted to neighbors that her husband had been sent to work closer to home. He had given up drinking, loved and cared for her, and no longer mentioned any other woman’s name when they were together.

Her business also blossomed.”

“When Lan was brought to a woman named Chin in District 5, the fortune teller said too much fat in her eyelids made her eyes half-closed, covering her good luck. Due to her features, Lam could not ever save money and her husband would be forever afflicted with alcoholism.”

“At Chin’s advice, Xuan visited a clinic just steps from her office to have his mole removed and reduce the size of his nose. After his surgery, thieves broke into his house and stole a Future Neo motorbike he had bought less than two weeks earlier. Xuan said he once brought a friend to see Chin for a fortune reading. She blamed the friend’s bad fate on her protruding lips and recommended the same clinic where Xuan had undergone his surgery.”

  • Up in Hanoi, this car obviously took a wrong turn speeding down the banks of the aromatic To Lich river. Must have hit the turbo boost button to have reached the middle though. Full spread of photos here… who do you think he’s calling on the phone?

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