Throwing a googly

  • According to google trends since July 2007 Vietnam has topped the worldwide charts in searches with the word ‘sex’, passing out the likes of Egypt, India, Morocco and Indonesia to grab ‘pole position’.  So what does this tell us? Um, while it might reflect an increasing and widespread curiosity for the “bedroom Olympics” (wonder has that term ever been googled…) as well as perhaps an increase in internet access/ usage, it also tells us how these googling locals have very basic (and innocent) English skills. Lord knows what sordid searches folk in the rest of the world are googling but methinks it often ain’t as simple and straightforward as ‘sex’. I mean what country leads the google searches for ‘sheep shagging live webcam’? That, my friends, is the question…  or at least a question.

One Response to “Throwing a googly”

  1. 1 Global Voices Online » Vietnam: Top “sex” online searcher

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