What if everyone wore a comical hat to work one day?

  • There’s nothing wrong with being a vegetarian in my book — why some of my best friend’s friends friends even know one or two veggies. I might even on occasion eat a vegetarian meal like these lucky punters at a recent wedding who even had “vegetarian beer” (vegetarian weddings could be a whole new trend the Vietnam News ambitiously speculates). I didn’t even realise beer could be non-vegetarian in the first place but there ya go. It’s the added Isinglass (extracted from a sturgeon’s bladder apparently) that makes it so goddamn unavoidably meaty. Sure you might as well be gulping down a pint of bear bile it’s such a veritable meat-fest. I do like the idea of going into a bar back in the homeland and asking for a vegetarian beer and a few slices of tofu with sprigs of mint and parsley on top… maybe in a Hell’s Angels bar on the wrong side of town at 4am. I’m also guessing that bia hoi doesn’t have Isinglass (or some other kind of fishy ingredient that serves the same purpose) and therefore counts as a vegetarian beer. Surely it must be just water, yeast and hops? Beermakers.com correct me if I’m wrong. Forlorn bia hoi breweries who are worried that sales potentially might be taking a dip in Hanoi (thanks to the lack of pavement space pushing them off the streets) should perhaps consider rebranding as a vegetarian beer. Wait till the wholefood stores in Seattle and San Francisco get a load of Viet Ha Bia Hoi! The perfect beverage to enjoy with some faux-nem chua made from Soy and wheat gluten.
  • And while I have ya… reasons to choose your tour to Halong carefully

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