The Olympians go for cash


Why wasn’t anyone complimenting Carruthers on his rather fetching new top hat?

  • What are the odds of a Vietnamese athlete winning a gold medal? If the random events held at your typical SEA Games are part and parcel of the Olympics, well we could have more than one. As an incentive the Vietnamese Olympic Committee are offering what every athlete loves: cash! For gold an athlete will bag 80 million dong, for silver 50 million and for the one with the hairy chest 40 million. And and and… if a Vietnamese athlete manages to break an Olympic record they will get a whopping 120 million ‘uncles’.
  • You may or may not remember that here at the Comical Hat we asked you whether it would be a) Jerry Springer b) Kylie Minnogue c) That alleged person called Mika d) Scary Spice or e) Donald Trump Jnr. drinking in Crazy Kim’s at 1am after performing their duties at Miss Universe ? Well, we have it on good authority thanks to the ceaseless investigative — and professional I should add — prowling of Julian Wainwright that the former Democratic mayor of Cincinnati Jerry Srpinger was the only one of the above celebs to have visibly escaped the confines of the Vinpearl. He was seen partying in the Sailing Club. Fair play Jerry. You have earned our respect. And here’s a fact about the man you did not know: he was born in a London tube station during the second world war. I know what you’re thinking… “GET. OUT. OF.TOWN. He wasn’t, was he?” Well, he was.
  • In a completely unrelated topic and nothing WHATSOEVER to do with Vietnam, here’s a funny picture from Sydney somebody just sent me …


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