“She nervously worried… was Mr. Darcy only talking to her because she was wearing the most comical hat of the day?”

  • Thought of the day: Would the world be a better place if we were all wearing an ao dai? Might be worth a shot, non? Perhaps American presidents and Middle East leaders would all settle their differences, clad in silk from head to toe, feeling more confident and certainly looking far more ravishing. Perhaps. Anyway the wish of the Vietnamese candidate for Miss Universe on in Nha Trang today is that the world could be dressed in an ao dai and feel ‘more confident’ according to this IHT story. We wish her the best of luck with that theory.
  • Question of the day: Who of the Miss Universe celebrity performers and presenters coming into Nha Trang especially for the event are you most likely to bump into at 1am in Crazy Kim’s and end up having shots of tequila with: A) Jerry Springer who described the gig as “Whoa! This is a plum assignment!” No denying that Jerry. b) Pop starlet Kylie Minnogue C) That ‘person’ called Mika (the all-singing, all-dancing chap/chappette) d) Scary Spice e) Donald Trump Jnr. ?
  • By the way… : The last time a NBC show was broadcast out of Vietnam Bob Hope was the presenter. And this just in…. Miss Venezuela, who also won the best looking lady in an ao dai earlier this month (which powered her with extra confidence) has just been crowned Miss Universe 2008… Her secret? She was kidnapped as a child, an experience that “taught her to keep calm under pressure”. There you go. A few of the contestants have interesting stories: Miss Albania was a professional basketball player. Miss Argentina says she has paranormal experiences. Miss Antigua & Barbuda is fascinated by snakes. Miss Angola was in a plane crash while trying to escape a conflict during her country’s civil war. Question is, who’s going to be in Crazy Kim’s at 1am drinking tequila?

2 Responses to “Beauty”

  1. that would be the former mayor of cincinatti, mr springer, who one intrepid photographer spotted out and about at the sailing club with bodyguard in tow. gotta give him props for actually leaving the confines of diamond bay, where i imagine everyone else was eating imported burgers from mickey d’s. and then rushing en masse to the ladies’ room for a little, erm, auto-regurgitation…..

  2. What a guy… JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!

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