Bits, bobs


Enrique Inglesias’ hat is not comical, but it is devilishly handsome…

  • “I want to come to Vietnam”: Head for the hills, run for your lives, may God intervene and spare us all, Enrique Inglesias wants to come to Vietnam after becoming acquainted with a kind-hearted and charming Vietnamese girl.” No doubt online while surfing the local Yahoo 360° blogs. Who can resist the seductive power of flirtatiously used emoticons? 😉 We can’t bare to look at his insufferable pouting face so pictured above we have his more redeemable beanie. A little bit nong qua in Vietnam for that so expect Enrique to don the ‘non’ (conical hat) on arrival.
  • Illegal marriage: A septuagenarian man from An Giang province ‘married’ a 15 year old girl. The girl’s mother, the old codger’s quasi mother-in-law, apparently arranged the whole affair for a large sum of cash, VND50 million. The retired language teacher was deemed a suitable suitor by the cash-desperate mother as he was a) “very rich” and b) “highly educated”. A contract was whipped up in which it was agreed the girl would live with the old codger ‘for life’ – his rather than hers we presume – while he would pay for her to receive vocational training so she could find a decent job (after he kicked the bucket we also presume). He forked out VND30 million in advance and promised the rest would be paid in a period not longer than 15 days. But, after living together for a short time, the old codger got fed up with his teenage bride and kicked her out of his house (why we don’t know) and reneged on his promise to cough up the remainder of the cash. So the disgruntled mother decided to petition the relevant authorities in the hope of getting the rest of her cash which has backfired nicely on her. While the old codger is now being charged with statutory rape, she is being charged with arranging it.
  • Rumour mill: The other day my colleague, a dynamic young fellow from Mu Cang Chai (a galaxy far, far away) showed me a photo essay from some website of a Chinese man eating a baby. I told him that you can’t believe everything you see on the internet and he laughed as if I was joking. I said no, seriously, that’s just a photoshopped piss-take. And he laughed again as if he thinks I’m most naïve. His expression then turned serious as he whispered “even wild animals don’t eat their babies.” Today with a bit of time on my hands I googled it (it took 0.24 seconds). Apparently it was part of a banned exhibition by a Shanghai-based conceptual artist called Zhu Yu. I thought about telling my colleague but it’s probably too late. He’s already told 10 friends who have each told 10 friends. And I have a feeling he will just laugh as he thinks I am most naïve. Did I mention he’s a journalist?

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