Get it while you can


  • Phu Quoc STILL undiscovered? Not quite my friends. Of course it was I, Sir Edward de Burca II that first discovered it after myself and my travelling companion Count Pierre de Parfumerie lost our way on the high seas from Siam to Cochinchina. Back in 1925 if memory serves. Before all you other expats came in and ruined everything. This article doesn’t really say it’s undiscovered, (it does say it’s still the same size as Singapore, people just love that fact), but rather how it is yet be overdeveloped (and how it’s just lovely as it is), but if all the plans and billboards and investors’ pipe-dreams manifest themselves, it most likely will be. Monster resorts, waterparks, adventure trains into the forest, et cetera. Sounds dreadful. But the underground/ metro/ monorail will certainly make getting from Dong Duong to ResortVille most convenient.
  • Speaking of Phu Quoc: Check out the brilliant Vietnam-inspired postcards by artist/ cartoonist/ illustrator Damien Frost at Sticky Gum — I like Phu Quoc # 6. You will too.

5 Responses to “Get it while you can”

  1. i would like to say that i have not discovered phu quoc yet. however, i did see it sitting what seemed like two kilometres off the coast of cambodia when i was going for a pleasant stroll down the khmer rouge’s seaside holiday getaway of Kep a few years back. thought you might like a test mail too………… looking good.

  2. wo! go on the sticky gum fella. those viet nam postcards are amazing!
    (nice new blog as well!)

  3. My name is Mud: no it isn’t!!!

    Michaelkellykelly: They’re class aren’t they? The martini glass tattoo one is another favourite.

  4. would you believe, wet soil?

  5. I knew it was you Wet Soil me auld mucker! No pun intended…

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