Heavy lies the hat


And when he put it on, everyone laughed

because it was a comical hat…

Bits and pieces for those who like to read papers and stuff…

  • Say goodbye to your little friendsvendors swept up in Hanoi. The article misses the real story — the bia hoi getting shoved off the street. Now you, me and everyone I know just loves flouro lights — can’t get enough, I’m sitting under one right now beaming with happiness –- and the faint whiff of a nearby ‘free plan’ toilet is always pleasant, BUT bia hoi indoors … come on, it’s like an indoor picnic, it just doesn’t make any sense.
  • A slice of Vietnamese street life (video) — This link is for people who don’t live here anymore or never did, otherwise just get on your motorbike and drive around the block, preferably using a bit of slow mo visualisation. Street scenes of Hanoi and a brief insight to Vietnamese cuisine here. Click on gallery. Click on Hanoi video. Watch.
  • Quote of the week: “If I were an American voter, I would vote for Mr. John McCain,” Tran Trong Duyet said Friday, sitting in his living room in the northern city of Haiphong, surrounded by black-and-white photos of a much younger version of himself and former Vietnam War prisoners. It’s funny ‘cos… Duyet used to be McCain’s personal jailor back in the Hanoi Hilton and sure didn’t he love him as John was most dep trai back in the day

“Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast.”

  • Almost too hidden, Vietnam that is. Vietnam — The Hidden Charm as a slogan has never sat comfortably with itself. Critics , grammarians, industry insiders and now a reporter over Thanh Nien have all had a pop at its Harry Potter Book-Titleish name: “It’s time to reveal the hidden charm of Vietnam to the world. It’s time for that hidden charm to help us in our time of need. But until we get serious about improving tourism in Vietnam, the charm will remain all too hidden indeed. ” I can picture the sequel now: Vietnam — the Emerging Charm (And This time it’s serious about getting more tourists than Thailand).


One Response to “Heavy lies the hat”

  1. 1 Gasenngo

    Oh Teddy, so you’ve moved to a new house. May be Google is now evil enough for Hanoi bloger to flock away. I will stay with the old platform to keep an eye on Google 🙂

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