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The Comical Hat is very pleased to have procured a ticket to see the Brazilian Olympic Football team, here with Ronaldinho, for tomorrow night’s friendly and Olympic warm up against Vietnam. Vietnam’s Portuguese coach has promised a “beautiful game”, which means I guess they’re out to try and impress the Brazilians with a bit of […]

Pasted below are some highlights from a Thanh Nien classic on how a fortune teller in sunny Saigon recommends plastic surgery to punters looking to escape misfortune; yes, now you know, ugliness brings bad luck… (as opposed to superstition, like). You couldn’t make it up. Truly. Full story here… “Tuyen explained that she underwent surgery […]

“My, my Martha, that hat is close to spectacular,”‘ said Myrtle, but really she was thinking, “heaven knows what Reverent Lovejoy will make of that ridiculous looking creation.” Now I can’t say you’d notice a difference and we can only dream that it might ease the traffic, but the flagging economy means people are getting […]

According to google trends since July 2007 Vietnam has topped the worldwide charts in searches with the word ‘sex’, passing out the likes of Egypt, India, Morocco and Indonesia to grab ‘pole position’.  So what does this tell us? Um, while it might reflect an increasing and widespread curiosity for the “bedroom Olympics” (wonder has […]

Night after night the banana-hat stole the show and ultimately the hearts and minds of the people… Rubbish collectors: As of last week, apparently, so I have read, if you spy somebody dumping rubbish in the capital city you can dob on them and claim VND500,000 to VND1 million as a reward. You will bag […]



What if everyone wore a comical hat to work one day? There’s nothing wrong with being a vegetarian in my book — why some of my best friend’s friends friends even know one or two veggies. I might even on occasion eat a vegetarian meal like these lucky punters at a recent wedding who even […]

With the simple application of a hat you too could be Napoleon Bonaparte, a clown or even a 19th century French priest… Punch up at a wedding: It is pretty hard saying no to a glass of ruou in Vietnam when you’re not in the mood. “Very sorry but I’m on medication!” is my preferred […]